Day 7: Cocaine Exit – Use (not abuse) of other drugs – youth culture – the problem with real Coke…


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Brothers, Sisters, one day we’ll all be free… from fighting, violence, people crying in the street… When the angels from above fall down and spread their wings like doves , we’ll walk hand in hand… Sisters, brothers we’ll make it to the Promised Land… – Promised Land – Joe Smooth.

ex- addicts…

Promised land was an anthem of the rave scene… The rave scene was one of the greatest youth movements second only to the flower power children 20yrs previous to the 1989 kick off of Chicago and Detroit house that England heard, took and owned.

A time that made white boys and girls dance on a skills par with their black counterparts.. Brought them together as Brothers and Sisters… Boys put down their pints and football rivalry fists and swapped them for late night dancing marathons, pills and the loving embrace of a stranger with excitability in conversation…

Northen Soul was a beta test with speed fuelling that equally fabulous time in the nightlife world, disco was slick with its coke soundtrack but nothing eclipsed the zenith that MDMA tablets brought to house music.

Not long would pass before I became a gold medalist drug user… I had a South London contact who was rocking warehouses and empty City offices with beautiful dove pills. I brought them home to Coventry, many of them… A time was had and I made friends quickly.

Interestingly enough at this point whilst acquaintances were munching these pills for fun and getting into a fair standard of powder I was happy with a half or a one, so powerful were these biscuits. I saw coke going on and thought ‘fuck that, £20 for an all night heady buzz vs £100 or more for a short term, arrogant high from South America.’ Wish I’d kept that view. But what’s done is done… Hey I’m out of the Coke game… But am I out of the MDMA game? Am I out of the Ganja game? Am I out of the booze game? No… is the short answer.

Alcohol is not a problem, MDMA is not a problem, ganja for me, is not a problem. That’s addiction for you… If you see it as a problem, then you’re best of out of that game.

Am I a hypocrite? Yes, in the eyes of addiction expert dinosaurs… DO these other substances cause me harm… possibly. Does my recreational use harm others? No. Does the use of alcohol, weed and and MDMA cause others trauma and make them nasty towards others… Maybe.

Were all putting shit in our bodies that isn’t for the best; nicotine, caffeine, sugar, fats… booze and fags for sure are an have put a big strain on health resources and the well being of users and their loved ones.

I’m long down the road when it comes to my physical well being, but I’m working on that. I’m only able to do so because my mental well being is in order. I am operating and functioning at a high level, I am helping others, I am very awake and my heart is open. I am no longer an addict. This is paradoxical.

In my world, which is far removed from traditional 12 step recovery servitude. I am alive, well and happy. No lifetime in recovery for me, no lasting self persecution under an old school mandate as an ex-addict zombie. I’m well, motivated and up for dragging you along with me… We’ve just done 7 days… its a milestone, celebrate how far you’ve come.

So that’s Ecstasy dealt with.. or is it… In this world of pharmaceutical dominance, war and chaos, ‘drugs’ like; mandy, marijuana, LSD,  mushrooms, ayahuasca etc etc are coming to the fore and showing concrete signs of healing and reversing disease and trauma. Shame the war on drugs and backward Governments are holding things back… The levy’s about to break though… Look at California and other states, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland… Soon the UK will be the last bastion of denial in this regard. Aside from ridiculous radical nations that like to execute people for smoking a plant ffs. These clown, tin pot leaders and dictators need a spliff more than any stoner!

I want a Cali lifestyle… I want to go to a dispensary and request a strain that will remove angst, help sleep, make me laugh like an old school haze or white widow… I want to drive a beautiful dear friend of mine with MS to get something to remove her pain like no pharma bullshit would do. I want to give effected soldiers a dose of MDMA so that they can function and love themselves and their families again following the trauma of PTSD. I want to see babies getting cannaboid extracts from Cannabis instead of chemotherapy.. You know where I’m coming from.

Clearly, now I’m  all cleaned up, I have a balanced view… Why can’t the UK and US just monetise this fucking industry and create a wealth of work that will bring addiction treatment 100 yrs forward from where we are today? Guess we’ll just have to wait.

I’ve covered the reasons for our UK readers giving up synthesised Cocaine. You’ve all quit and have had enough… right. 🙂

I need to give some more thought to this because State-siders your problem is wholly different. I know for a fact I could fly into NYC, score in Brooklyn or Queens… Hire a dream muscle vehicle, stop off in Miami for some grade A shit and merrily tour across the South-lands to LA and then pick up some more… Kick up my heels in Venice or Malibu, large it, then get on a plane and leave it behind me with a smile on my face. That’s the outlook of a drug user… not abuser. There, thats half the battle…

It’s too simplistic I know but I guess if you’ve got too much time and money on your hands then good Coke can get to be a bit of a problem. Sure, jump to crack for a heavier hit and you wont need Flava Flav to tell you what time it is… Strung out, arrogant, functioning or non, US citizens you got a different set of Coke challenges but the same rules apply. If the pearly flake of Peru or Columbia is causing you trauma; is making your partners desert you, if you know you’re no longer a good citizen and your bank balance is low, if you have a feeling you got a problem… Then jump on the quitting train, your exit will be in a first class carriage by comparison to your European counterparts… We’re in economy 3rd seats… Standing… On our knees in somecases.That said drug dealers are greedy fuckers and I have heard that the cuts are getting bigger and similar to ours. Probably time to kiss the old you goodbye..



Day 7…

  1. Milestone. Well done… You’ve walked the longest mile. The next 7 will also be tricky but not as bad. You’ll find the good day – bad day routine should change to a good day – good day – bad day thing. Don’t stop taking these giant steps because you’re nearly home. So proud of you!
  2. For today we say no to Cocaine or your problem drug or drink… Yawn!
  3. Offer gratitude for your roof, sustenance, family, work, health etc etc. How about spreading the gratitude love you’re realising as you get more grounded by vocalising it some more. Whenever the opportunity arises… Give thanks and praises however, wherever.
  4. Some heavy shit… If at this stage and during the next 14 days you happen to be still feeling deep trauma; anger, depression, lethargy and find yourself in tears then you are probably carrying some sub-conscious psychological baggage.
    1. I want you to know I’ve been there and it isn’t very nice, but it is surmountable.
    2. I strongly advise you to review my suggested meditation techniques (click links, top right hand corner and read previous days.)
    3. Seek advise, contact me or speak to someone you may know who can recommend a legitimate and proven Eastern healer, for those in Middle England I have that person as a fellow guide. She is a God in my view.
    4. Seek alternative, holistic insight into your trauma… During my exit from Coke dependency a year ago my healer and I had made great progress but things stalled now I know this was due to a mental shift that I could not remove myself. I got hypnotised and then put into deep relaxation. It sure was a freaky encounter. I awoke in tears and then expressed endless thanks as I felt her remove something from my gut that I exhaled out upon awakening I almost lost conciousness again so big was the demon I’d breathed out.
    5. If I’d have read this shit elsewhere I’d be very sceptical. I cannot tell you how much I now endorse alternative approaches to wellness.
    6. Give this thought if you are in trauma. 
  5. Compose your schedule  as discussed yesterday and set up 5 or 6 day calendar plans to include hourly block as per thus:
    1. Gratitude – Meditate – Todays to-do review of yesterday
    2. Complete toughest tasks ahead for the day.
    3. Lunch – Nature Walk – Smoothie / Sushi / Salad… Yuck 🙂
    4. Afternoon work tasks priority 2
    5. Personal development / research hour
    6. Review – Tomorrow’s to-do list
    7. Chill – Quality time – reward.
    8. Meditate again for 10 mins (if you’re digging this activity.)
  6. Vitamins, smoothie, vegatables, white meat, oily fish and lots of water on the menu if you can.
  7. If you’re that way inclined and feeling this Eastern vibe then pick this up on Netflix… eye opening docu-movie. Awake: The Life of Yogananda
  8. Look yourself right in the eye in your bathroom mirror and be proud of yourself ex-addict. Have a good chat with your exit partner / confident. If you’re on your own feel free to feedback to me here or at .
  9. Keep reading Addiction Unplugged – How To Be Free
  10. Learn to delete all those random negative thoughts that come into your head… Avoid blocked mental paths by referring tricky thoughts to the heart. The heart knows, the mind is just an over powered computer that likes to think it has all the answers. Rarely has it had experience or seen the things we worry about. Thank you, thank you endlessly John Flaherty for this knowledge.

March on soldiers, the bridge is over…

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Paul Kennedy

* Paul Kennedy is an ex-addict who founded the Addiction Survival Course in Coventry, West Midlands, UK. The Addiction Survival Course provides support and counselling for people who have a desire to quit Cocaine and whom do not wish to spend a lifetime ‘in recovery.’ Paul provides house call support, therapy sessions, volunteer services and a help line clinic to the West Midlands area and global phone consultations when he isn’t writing his help guide for addicts who wish to be set free from the grips of addiction….

Day 7: Cocaine Exit – Use (not abuse) of other drugs – youth culture – the problem with real Coke…