88% of my Cocaine Addiction Clients Had The Same Problem… They Still Recovered Though… #cocaine #2016 #stats and #facts

Yes 35 out of 40 were being held back with a longer recovery time, in some cases twice as long as would be expected.

Using a ‘hands on’ ‘new age’ approach to ex-addict led addiction treatment I was not surprised at this statistic nor was I surprised at the final outcome of my client satisfaction scores for 2015, from 42 clients polled on a 10 point questionnaire we scored a huge 96%.

Modern thinking on addiction leaving God, prayers, sponsors, day counting, trigger management, regression and self persecution has to be near its end surely.

Defect searching and handing oneself in as a failure is failing as rapidly as most rehab experiences. Pack it all away and take on an  a new approach.

The results are out and clear to see and in 2016 I’m going to prove these numbers again.

My approach is different to most but I am not alone in my methods. City boys, lost youngsters, bored housewives and baby boomers have all become ‘addicts’ in their words due to compounded trauma brought to bear by crap ‘Cocaine.’

I see it everyday in my work, when I’m getting right under the skin of my clients. (I talk to a lot of them everyday.) This is a factor in clients recovery success by the way… No question. It’s pretty obvious really, a once a week counselling chit chat or a weekly please save me meeting just doesn’t hit the heights of success I want to see for my clients. Be it a local lost soul I visit and work with daily or someone across the pond in a different timezone by video every other day the results and findings are all on a level.

This is what I found out in 2015:

  1. 90% of self confessed Cocaine ‘addicts’ by their own definition are carrying some form of unresolved trauma.

  2. 88%, 35 out of 40 clients worldwide are having their addiction trauma extended by adulterants causing them additional trauma and health issues preventing them from having a speedy recovery.

  3. 70% of all surveyed have tried and relapsed following traditional addiction treatments; NA, Counselling, Rehab and Abstinence based discipline.

  4. 85% of all clients surveyed found a hands on ex-addict approach helped them get over the finish line.

  5. 83% of clients found a structured daily action plan with well timed goals very useful in quitting.

  6. Average time spent in guided recovery… 13 weeks.

  7. The American War on Drugs  is a capitalist venture that is still ruining ill people’s lives.

  8. God isn’t going to save addicts from addiction. The addict is.

  9.  Life and behavior coaching are instrumental in the transitions from ‘binge’ and ‘abuse’ to ‘use’ to ‘abstinence.’

  10. All client’s offered the help guide Addiction Unplugged – How To Be Free by John Flaherty found it ‘useful’ or more impacting at early – mid stage post addiction. This document is essential reading where trauma needs to be addressed.

So, 9 out of 10 addicts have some underling trauma, yes you guessed it, mainly from childhood. This is not news. Doesn’t make sense to send these people to jail or demonise them does it? Nope, but we’re still doing it.

Truth is, none of these findings surprise me… Not even the headline; I saw this coming years ago. It’s what made me an addict, what kept me an addict and now makes me someone who helps others walk away from a Coke addiction. The more savvy substance counselor will know, older functioning users know and  the Police know but no ones connecting quality with delayed recovery. The speed, the sugar, the tranquilizer the other shit that is taking the weight… anything from 20-100% in your average street coke bag is doubling the recovery time on average now in the UK and it seems to be following close behind in the States.

With this knowledge substance abuse students can hopefully bear this in mind when helping ill addicts finds their way home. Just like I’m doing.

Want a speedy exit from powder addiction into recovery and THEN get ‘recovered?’ Then call me… I’ll charge you what you would normally pay for a few hours Friday night buzz and I’ll get under your skin till your back on track. I will armour you with everything you need to know about your addiction and work with you to pick up on the path that you left and I’ll have you in better shape. But you must, must want to stop. My methods are unorthodox but Orthodoxy is an old world for old times. Old approaches to addiction are so flaky and I disprove them daily.

You’ve  got to get back on track to rediscover yourself; armed with all the knowledge, guidance, fitness, mindfulness and some appreciation for life I get my clients to face their demons head on and deal with that trauma that holds them back. No counting the days clean, no avoiding people and places, no praying. Just doing and accomplishing, embracing life again we work together to fill the gaps that Cocaine no longer delivers on and hey lets face it even when it was good… It never lasted. Cocaine was a champagne celebration luxury that is now so hard to find that the gamble in scoring no longer stacks up. It now only serves as a tiny band aid for pan relief that doesn’t provide a fix. I said the police are aware of this issue, why on earth they get so excitable about putting away dealers of highly pure coke, they should be actively tracking down the people who cut up the product and who are the root causes of this new problem.

You want some real unorthodox advice? You really want out of the coke game for good? Save the money you normally spend on trauma inducing crap powder and after 3 months go to Peru or Bolivia, take in some sights, get inspired, make your last hit a real one then step on the plane and leave that shit where you found it. It will totally cleanse out all that legacy garbage powder in your system and enable you to gently slide out of the game and back into the life you’re supposed to be living.

Not Unorthodox… Call it New Orthodox… Want results? See the Coke Exit Guide in the strictest confidence. Now working with HR professionals as well as individuals.


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Paul Kennedy

* Paul Kennedy is an ex-addict who founded the Addiction Survival Course in Coventry, West Midlands, UK. The Addiction Survival Course provides support and counselling for people who have a desire to quit Cocaine and whom do not wish to spend a lifetime ‘in recovery.’ Paul provides house call support, therapy sessions, volunteer services and a help line clinic in the UK and global phone consultations when he isn’t writing his help guide for addicts who wish to be set free from the grips of addiction…. 

























88% of my Cocaine Addiction Clients Had The Same Problem… They Still Recovered Though… #cocaine #2016 #stats and #facts