Day 14: Cocaine Exit – You’re On Your Own – The M.O. – Our Modus Operandi and My Magnum Opus


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Make me believe in you
Show me your love can be true
Do anything you want me to do
Just make me believe in you

Keepin’ filled with all your temptation
You know it leaves me with no inspiration
Another chart playin’ on me
May have a hard time succeedin’, you see

You don’t seem quite like the others
Respectin’ me and your sisters and brothers
It would be awful, awful sad
To give love and you treat me so bad

Make Me Believe In You – Curtis Mayfield and Patti Jo

Day 14… The M.O.

We’re at the end of the road… I know for a lot of you this could be the beginning of a journey on a super highway… Well done… You did it all yourselves, I’m just the big mouth with plenty to say on everything and certainly I got loads more to say on addiction and getting right…

Hopefully the future holds rewarding straight days filled with warmth and love for yourself and others, staying busy with a constant stream of contentment and accomplishment. A good diet, fitness, an open mind and happy daily slave activity that you enjoy bringing reward and comfort to your home. Take the personal development and scheduling discipline tips forwards, god only knows I have to do as I say and not as I used to do… I cannot afford to put 4 hours a day into detailed guiding and insight for others now but this blog shall stay out there in the internet ether for others to follow our lead. I’m now working 3 jobs, not as planned but out of necessity… I’m just tripping out on the new super highway myself so you’ll always have someone here you can to relate to and indeed please continue with the feedback, specific requests and requests for assistance..

I shall be taking things forward and dishing out my Magnum Opus in the form of some new thinking on addiction; science, conscious and sub, trauma management, its timeline, religion, alternative healing, recovery and being recovered… I shall recount the high times and high jinks I got up-to all over Europe and wider… The incredible drug fueled youth movement I played my part in, the love, money, friends, family, brain cells and time lost coming full circle to live a clean life when I never, ever thought I’d be the same again. The jury’s out as to whether I’m recovered or not. I’ve had arguments with those who want to keep us down as ex/-addicts and I’ve had the good fortune to connect with the thought leaders at the forefront of addiction knowledge who with me as an ally are going to slay these dinosaurs of the dark ages and expose them for what they are… Words and interpretations are pure semantics… I control my mind and my heart rules… This is the crux of the matter.

You don’t want me going round claiming to be ‘recovered’ because YOU want to keep me in a pit of recovery that feels, looks, tastes and smells just like addiction itself… Pardon me for getting excitable but fuck you because my way works, it works for others and were leaving you behind..

Its human nature for men to be competitive sorts; your men friends, your best friend, your siblings and family men…

They wanna see you do good but

That’s what it is… Westernised competitiveness… Whilst I have tried to meditate the shit out of the ego in me, it appears I can only consciously manage it down, I’m still the big, gregarious bear I ever was.. but no mistaking when I was suffering the illness of addiction I was way out of control.. I made my mistakes, I asked for forgiveness, I finally addressed my past.. If you engage me and play me down with the stigma of the past, If you put one on me, make sure, with no mistake I am back and right on top of my game. I will no longer have anyone; near, dear or otherwise make me feel an inferior citizen nor second class ex-junkie ticket because its easy for you to play that game because you don’t really like yourself nor the improvements you see in me. 

Ex-addicts please take note of the above.. This shit will happen to you on a regular basis… Like me, get a tight circle of like-minded souls around you and fly like birds of a feather, merrily gliding above at a great height away from spoilers, detractors and haters… Please though, do it with style and grace… Keep your side of the street clean. Leave them behind… 

Home at last… 🙂 

  1. For today we say no to Cocaine or your problem drug or drink.
  2. Offer gratitude for your roof, sustenance, family, work, health etc etc.
  3. Keep the previously documented discipline’s of; health, fitness, supplements, organisation, personal development, kindness and the spreading of love, keep your meditation game tight and look into tapping and alternative healing. Consider a little Buddhism in your life. Its all about you as a God and only involves you doing the right thing for others and you.
  4. Retain the guide book for future reference… You will forget to remember how to control your mind chatter for a while to come yet.. That’s why John Flaherty wrote the book…  Addiction Unplugged – How to be free.
  5. Anyone still feeling conscious or subconscious trauma pangs that you think require a hit to fix should talk to me or seek an alternative healer or counselor for a little help. You have to deal with your pain. I had mine extracted subconsciously a while ago, I couldn’t move forward till it was done… Talk to me:
  6. Pay it forward… Tell others how you got clean. Refer them to me if needing help.

Goodbye for now… Reach for new heights in the new you and keep working on yourselves… Love strength and energy to you all…

Please support and share my community work..

Paul Kennedy

* Paul Kennedy is an ex-addict who founded the Addiction Survival Course in Coventry, West Midlands, UK. The Addiction Survival Course provides support and counselling for people who have a desire to quit Cocaine and whom do not wish to spend a lifetime ‘in recovery.’ Paul provides house call support, therapy sessions, volunteer services and a help line clinic to the West Midlands area and global phone consultations when he isn’t writing his help guide for addicts who wish to be set free from the grips of addiction….


Day 14: Cocaine Exit – You’re On Your Own – The M.O. – Our Modus Operandi and My Magnum Opus

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