Day 13: Cocaine exit tips – Closed Thinking – Mind Power.


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You cant change it
Don’t try to change it
deal with it
Don’t fool yourself
look in the mirror
you find
you cant fool yourself
you got to deal with it 
What it is…
Mind Power – James Brown

Day 13…

Thirteen… Unlucky for some, unlucky for me yesterday… I knew just as soon as I started the religion and addiction debate that things would go off like a war in the Middle East.

Unfortunately for me my Achilles heal and indeed a part of my addictive traits is a need to be loved / liked / accepted. I don’t like drama and confrontation on any level. I can now look back at my childhood and understand why… So even when I get into conflict regardless of who caused it I find it hurts me more than others. Buddhist say that this is the same for all but I got a heavy imbalance yes, Buddhism says that if you throw hot rocks of anger around YOU are the one that has to ingest them at some point. I know this. Confrontation hurts and within the weaker / effected individual you can get bullied, battered and bruised through no fault of your own and feel serious emotional trauma… This can make you use, whatever your crutch is.

So here I am spreading this free self help message to all that would like to save themselves, I’ve got about 30+ social media feeds coming into this blog, I know one of them is a particularly religious bent set of recovering addicts. I tried my best to explain that ‘your way is yours,’ ‘mine is mine’ because we’re all in this together to end souls addiction hell…  

Well no that apparently is not the case… Within minutes the mission bell had been rung and I was surrounded by God fearing site admins preaching a one way message that:

  • The 12 steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous is THE ONLY way to free yourself from addiction.
  • You should spend your time praying for a divine intervention moment to miraculously save you from your addiction!
  • You hand yourself over to a bunch of over bearing, sanctimonious sheep people that want in, into your; home, head soul and day to day activities.
  • It is not possible to recover from addiction!!! Why? Well probably so you can carry on praying, financing corruption and sticking your faith in an antiquated belief system with no proof of its claims.

Let me tell you, a chariot riding God like character is not coming riding over the hill to save your addicted ass. You’re going to have to save yourself. 

Should I find myself in need of a draconian non-solution to the recovery from addiction I know where to go. The 12 steps of NA/AA will keep you in recovery for a lifetime… read more here…

Unlike the God squad, we, the learned survivors must maintain an open minded approach in order to expedite our recovery. 


  1. For today we say no to Cocaine or your problem drug or drink.
  2. Offer gratitude for your roof, sustenance, family, work, health etc etc.
  3. Review the paper exercise as covered in the first days of our mission. Focus on the people we need to redress / offer apologies / explanations to, its now time to bury the past in order to leave it in its best position so we can march on. If you’re sure this new clean you is a permanent fixture then get to work and speak your truth from the heart.
  4. Stretch those legs and change your view with a little nature walk. Rain, hail, snow whatever the elements… breath it in and slow down to the pace of what is alive around you.
  5. Still enjoying the smoothies and getting a kick out of these after a nice bit of gentle exercise? Here’s 20 top recipes now you’re getting to grips with the blender… Link. continue the great steps taken in your diet, white meat, iron rich vegetables and oily fish all give you valuable nutrients and the energy reserves we need to stay busy.. Top it off with the slow release mega vitamins.
  6. Continue to rebuff any calls or invitations from situations that may cause you temptation. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t risk my clean status for a few hours of fun and thus I can go and do as I please, in fact I, personally like the test. It comes with a big physiological reward. Even so, complacency kills and Wednesday isn’t the day to be a sadist. Manage this well at whatever level of fixed you are at. Do test yourself down the line… Its the acid test pardon the pun, for understanding the truth of whether you’re ‘recovered’ or still in ‘recovery.’
  7. Try and stick with the discipline of time management as discussed in detail before… A busy mind is a happy mind… Its been well documented. Plan your work, study, personal development time, your down time and consider what you’re going to do with it… Your sobriety / clean status deserves a reward… Plan where it is you’re going get stimulated in  a new environment.
  8. They say the night time is the right time… Yeah, the right time to affirm all of the hard work we’re doing… finish reading your guide book Addiction Unplugged – How to be free.
  9. Give something back… If you feel as if you are at the end of the road with your demon, if you feel this is it for you… Consider how you can make a difference to society now that you have made a difference to yourself. I’m doing that right now. My belief system is now all about creating an exponentially growing model that benefits the science of addiction and its social fall out. It’s very rewarding; the new me try’s wherever possible to help others… What can you do? No matter how small… 
  10. Pray to yourself, you’re far from a false idol… Meditate. Twice a day, 10-15 mins. Persist in the beginning, persist through days when you carry a little trauma. You didn’t learn to ride a bike or swim immediately.. Take your time… During times of deep trauma still persist and use the ‘tapping’ practice to go deeper. Remember…. once ready and in position start and complete your meditation routine by gently tapping your heart area with your 3 fore fingers and say the following or similar… ‘I truly, completely love and respect myself… I am my truth.. I am making progress and I am grateful for that… I accept days of challenge and am learning how to deal with them… thank you for the learning…’  This works… Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it 🙂


Big Wednesday Blessings To You All…

Please support and share my community work..

Paul Kennedy

* Paul Kennedy is an ex-addict who founded the Addiction Survival Course in Coventry, West Midlands, UK. The Addiction Survival Course provides support and counselling for people who have a desire to quit Cocaine and whom do not wish to spend a lifetime ‘in recovery.’ Paul provides house call support, therapy sessions, volunteer services and a help line clinic to the West Midlands area and global phone consultations when he isn’t writing his help guide for addicts who wish to be set free from the grips of addiction….











Day 13: Cocaine exit tips – Closed Thinking – Mind Power.

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