So I’ve decided to quit Cocaine, where’s the guide book???

When you’ve made the first or fifty first decision to quit your love affair with the powder / chisel / rip / railer coaster / yale / china / charley / bang or whatever you want to call it there will be an urgency to put as much gusto into getting some assistance to quit with as much fervor as you spent weekend nights chopping out huge lines of short term fun… Help is at hand…

Kind of a psychological bit of personal fooling that you hope will be a silver bullet to avoid the mental warfare that is going to go off in your head for a minimum of two weeks… Hey, who wouldn’t want that.


Fortunately whilst it was more like the 51st attempt on my part that I discovered said book it does exist... It is without no doubt whatsoever in my mind I could have reduced the failed attempts big time down from 51 into single figures should I have come across it years ago, however better late than never out of pure luck more than judgement I decided to pick John Flaherty’s book, what a result.

Out of all the help yourself de-junkie paper guides out there I found the one. In my work with helping ex-addicts move forward I rarely make an insistence, however I’m pretty assertive when it comes to this.

Luckily there is no medical helper for bag heads looking to escape the pain, whilst Methadone may help those poor lost horse souls (it doesn’t help) there is no medical substitute for Cocaine withdrawal and you know what? when you’ve got over a few months of upping and downing on life you’ll be glad there is no substitute trace to linger on for God knows how long.

Take the book, one chapter and you’ll be ‘hooked.’ It makes sense… Its part of my clean up approach that enables you to learn to re-program your mind and thoughts and as John  says… In the end… you go free without a lifetime of being ‘in recovery.’

Brain training / mental re-engineering for ex-powder people… Go and buy it from Amazon then look up John and say thanks… Like I did.

Addiction Unplugged: How to Be Free: For all those affected by their own addictions or the addictions of others

* Paul Kennedy is an ex-addict who founded the Addiction Survival Course in Coventry, West Midlands, UK. The Addiction Survival Course provides support and counselling for people who have a desire to quit Cocaine and whom do not wish to spend a lifetime ‘in recovery.’ Paul provides house call support, therapy sessions, volunteer services and a help line clinic to the West Midlands area when he isn’t writing his help guide for addicts who wish to be set free from the grips of addiction….

So I’ve decided to quit Cocaine, where’s the guide book???

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