Beating Cocaine Addiction and Transcend A Lifetime In-Recovery

Welcome to the Beating Cocaine Addiction blog,

it has been borne out of a desire to help others who find themselves in pain, lost,or suffering a catastrophic breakdown through overuse of the magic white crystals that I share my experiences and advice.

There are many of us and I am a fully paid up member of this club… Meet a friend. My name is Paul Kennedy or @cokeexitquide as my virtual moniker would now appear to be. I’ve spent 7 years a slave to a once, twice sometime three times a weeks binge habit that started off as heaps of fun for a few years and indeed boy did I have some fun! however that fun led to several years of pain, trauma,  suffering and several near death experiences.

It would appear I bought the ‘recovery’ badge, book, T-shirt and DVD over recent years… Its been emotional, like no doubt its been for you or maybe someone you know…It’s been extremely painful too. Aside from losing a small fortune to this addiction and other side line pastimes which seem to go hand in hand with my Cocaine Addiction the cost of human collateral damage has been extremely high

There will come a time when perhaps like me you may get to remedy things by issuing heartfelt apologies as part of your healing process… It’s one of the first things I did when I made the decision to quit in search of finding the old me…. It was an important thing to do… There are many steps to take in order to clean up your act, however staying ‘in recovery’ for the rest of your life AIIN’T one of them. Yes, after sampling every traditional and progressive approach to beating coke addiction I finally found something that worked… With discipline, guidance and a bit of will power I was set free… I quit the powder game and then took a long hard stare at facing a lifetime of being ‘in recovery’ and I said ‘No Thanks’ I decided to transcend my recovery, its associated pain and suffering…. It’s Stigma… The lot…

I shall now go about telling you how I did it and how you or someone you know and love can do it… Hold tight, this will take some time…

* Paul Kennedy is an ex-addict who founded the Addiction Survival Course in Coventry, West Midlands, UK. The Addiction Survival Course provides support and counselling for people who have a desire to quit Cocaine and whom do not wish to spend a lifetime ‘in recovery.’ Paul provides house call support, therapy sessions, volunteer services and a help line clinic to the West Midlands area when he isn’t writing his help guide for addicts who wish to be set free from the grips of addiction….


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